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Is there an ideal port?

A combination of intact nature, modern content. Far from the city crowd, with easy access to main roads. Surrounded by beaches and mountains.

A place where you can park a car near your boat, then enjoy a beer or coffee in the cafe next to the sea while the rest of the family is swimming on the nearby beach. A place with a restaurant with the finest Mediterranean specialties.

Ideally it does not exist, but Baska Voda is very close to the ideal port.

All the above describes our base, the starting port, which justifies our name JUST SAIL.

About Us


We are family company, with great experience in charter, sailing and maintenance the boats.

After 12 years work in charter, we sow that for lots of the company you are just a number.

We live with boats and we wont to share that filling with you. That is way how becomes company JUST SAIL.

For us, our business is combination of pleasure and hard work, combination that always give best result. With us you will experience an unforgettable vacation. We will take care of your arrival and departure. We will advise you where to sail, to which marinas you berth and which beaches to visit.

Sailing is a special way of life that includes many different activities.. It is also the best way to explore the undiscovered beauty of the Adriatic coast.

We know that only a quality service that meets the needs and wishes of the client can lead to the desired success.

Continuous enrichment of our offer, providing the best service and making the holidays of our clients relaxing and unforgettable.

Improving the level of service and the desire of our guests, we create a product based on knowledge, experience, trust and accountability consistent with our philosophy.....




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